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Canadian Handbell Compositions Spreadsheet

Below is a collection of Canadian Handbell compositions. This list is updated regularly. You can search for a specific term by clicking on the sheet, then pressing "Ctrl+F" on your keyboard to 'Find', or use the find feature in in your device's browser. HMC does not endorse or recommend any specific handbell composition nor does it warrant the compliance with copyright law. This spreadsheet is for informational purposes only.

Would you like to see a composition added to this collection? You can make submissions on the HMC Canadian Handbell Compositions Spreadsheet Addition Request Form. If you require any changes to the information that is already on this list, please contact programming@handbellmusiciansofcanada.ca. If you prefer to view this list in a new browser window click here

Many thanks to Tammy-Jo Mortensen, who originally created this list for the 2016 Symposium.
The value of her contributions to this document cannot be underestimated.

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