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Handbell Musicians of Canada unites the Canadian handbell community by educating, developing, promoting and supporting handbell musicians and the art of handbell/handchime ringing.

Handbell Guilds of Canada (HGC) has served Canadian handbell musicians well for decades but now a brand new organization, Handbell Musicians of Canada (HMC), has been created.

Handbell Musicians of Canada, our newly incorporated national organization, features a revised model of membership and a modernized governance structure. The individual membership format makes HMC open to ALL Canadian handbell musicians - ringers, conductors, composers, clinicians, and sponsors - offering true national representation. Membership in HMC provides each individual the opportunity to be engaged in the national and international handbell communities, including attending workshops, festivals and symposium events.

OUR PURPOSE is to advance education and the public’s appreciation of handbell and handchime arts by:

  1. facilitating, hosting, and sponsoring non-competitive, national and international handbell and handchime workshops, clinics, festivals, conferences and performances;
  2. awarding bursaries to Canadian students to support activities that further their knowledge and practice of handbell and handchime arts;
  3. commissioning new, high quality Canadian handbell and handchime compositions and holding competitions to encourage their creation;
  4. awarding honouraria to Canadian handbell and handchime conductors selected to represent Canada at international handbell festivals, conferences, symposia and performances;
  5. creating, maintaining and disseminating tools and materials such as teaching materials, manuals and guides, newsletters, and interactive online forums that support the development of handbell and handchime artists and educators.

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