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Morna-June Morrow - Conductor, Technician, Clinician, Educator, Historian, Handbell Musicians of Canada Honourary Lifetime Achievement Recipient

In the following interview by Patsy Andrews-Vert (filmed by Jewel Casselman) Morna-June gives us some insight as to how and why her life is filled with bells and music.

Annie Hergott – Conductor

Annie Hergott, Calgary AB, has been involved in the Canadian handbell scene for many years. In addition to extensive involvement with provincial and national handbell organizations, she is also the founder of Bow River Handbell Musicians Society, a community-based handbell organization in Calgary.

In this interview, conducted by HMC and BRHMS Board member Jim Winslett, she discusses how she got started in handbells, the opportunities and challenges with heading a community-based society, conducting a handbell ensemble, and getting things up and running again in a post-covid environment.

Lisa Kyriakides – Conductor

Conductor Lisa Kyriakides, from Newmarket, Ontario, has been chosen as the Canadian Conductor for the International Handbell Symposium, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Recently, Lisa was interviewed on Zoom by composer Betty Radford. She talks about her musical experiences, how she got into the world of handbells, her approach to conducting at the IHS, and what she wants the ringers to know about Mosaic.

Betty Radford - Composer

Composer Betty Radford, from Edmonton, AB, has written many pieces for handbells. Her Mosaic was selected by the Handbell Musicians of Canada to be the Canadian representative composition at the International Handbell Symposium in Hong Kong and subsequently in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) in 2022.

Betty was kind enough to sit down with John Hooper in the backyard of videographer Emmy Okazawa-Bortolin to talk about her musical journey, her inspirations, and her music. Her hope is that Mosaic will “represent the broad spectrum of Canada” and that ringers and listeners will “enjoy it and learn a little more about Canada”.

A review score and recording of Mosaic can be found at From The Top Music. In addition, other music of hers has been awarded recognition are included in HMC’s Canadian Handbell Compositions Spreadsheet  You can learn more about Betty by visiting her website. More about the International Handbell Symposium can be found at https://www.internationalhandbells.org.

As HMC contemplates more potential interviews, if you know someone who you feel should be showcased, we would love to hear from you! Click here to contact us. 

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