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Call for Applications for Canadian Massed Ringing Conductor

International Handbell Committee

International Handbell Symposium (IHS)

Call for Applications for Canadian Massed Ringing Conductor ** selection has been made ** watch for announcement

20th International Handbell Symposium - Nashville, TN August 1-6, 2022

Applications are now being accepted to represent the Handbell Musicians of Canada at the 20th International Handbell Symposium in Nashville, TN as the Canadian Massed Ringing Conductor.

The successful candidate will be asked to prepare and conduct the selected Canadian composition, “Mosaic” by Betty Radford of Edmonton, AB, during the massed ringing rehearsals and performance taking place throughout the five-day event.

The selection criteria, including previous experience conducting massed performance of at least 100 ringers, are listed below.

Symposium registration and travel/accommodation expenses are to be covered by the successful applicant. However, Handbell Musicians of Canada will provide a small financial contribution to help off-set these expenses. Details regarding registration and venue can be found here: www.internationalhandbells.org/about-ihs2022

Interested persons are asked to forward a brief CV along with an expression of interest demonstrating how the candidate satisfies the selection criteria to chair@handbellmusiciansofcanada.ca no later than 11:59 pm Pacific time on Sunday, August 1, 2021.

Selection Criteria

1. Membership - The successful candidate should be a member in good standing of Handbell Musicians of Canada.

2. Previous experience - It is expected that the successful candidate will have previous experience conducting a massed performance of at least 100 ringers. Due to the large scale of symposium massed ringing performances (600+ ringers), the ability to conduct a large group with clarity and articulation is essential.

3. Musicianship - It is expected that the successful candidate has a strong musical background, and an appreciable level of musical training and musicianship. The ability to speak with an advanced degree of musical knowledge about the composition being performed is essential. Symposium attendees span a range of musical experience from intermediate to highly accomplished, therefore the successful candidate must be capable of leading high calibre performance of skilled musicians. Previous teaching or education experience is an asset.

4. Organization - Organizational and time management skills are essential. Massed rehearsal time allotted to each piece is very brief – 10 to 20 minutes – and time must be given for the translation of any commentary or direction given. Rehearsals are timed and generally involve being able to follow lights indicating time remaining for each piece, so careful and thorough preparation ahead of every rehearsal time is critical.

5. Communication - The successful candidate should be comfortable communicating with large groups and be able to convey their ideas and direction in a clear, concise, and purposeful manner to facilitate translation into the various official languages in use at the symposium. Attention must also be paid to how ideas and direction are conveyed to a multi-national and multicultural audience as idioms and cultural references do not always translate easily.

6. Ambassadorship - As the musical representative of Handbell Musicians of Canada at the symposium, the successful candidate will be an ambassador for our Canadian handbell community and must deport themselves with respect, dignity, and goodwill. Being approachable and friendly as well as respectful of customs or cultures with which the candidate may be unfamiliar is vital.

Please note: It is HMC policy that, should “equal candidates” be under consideration, preference will be given to the candidate who has not previously represented Canada at an International Handbell Symposium

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International Handbell Committee (IHC)

The International Handbell Committee was formed in 1990 to set standards and goals for the biennial International Handbell Symposium (IHS). The committee is made up of the presidents and other representatives of the eight guilds that currently share in hosting the event  – Handbell Ringers of Japan, Handbell Society of Australasia, Korean Handbell Association, Handbell Musicians of Canada (formerly Handbell Guilds of Canada), Handbell Ringers of Great Britain, Handbell Association of Hong Kong, Handbell Ringers of Singapore, and Handbell Musicians of America.

IHC Meeting

The International Handbell Committee is dedicated to the Art of Handbell/Handchime Ringing. The Mission is: Communication between nations, Handbells as a musical art, and World peace through the spirit of music.

The International Handbell Committee (IHC) held a virtual meeting on August 16, 2020. The meeting was to have been held in Hong Kong prior to the International Handbell Symposium, but due to unrest in Hong Kong and CoVid-19 the symposium had to be cancelled. The IHC meets, face to face, on a biennial basis prior to the International Handbell Symposium. Other committee meetings may take place in-between the two-year span to continue the work of the IHC. Each country has one vote, but is allowed to have up to 3 people at the meeting.

Present at the 2020 meeting were: Emily Li HAHK- (Chair), Patsy Andrews-Vert-HMC*, Ed Rollins-HMA, Pamela L Grove-HMA*, Carmel Daveson-HRA*, LynYap-HRSG*, Jenny Cauhorn-HMA, Damien Lim-HRSG, Arthur Syin-HRJ*,John Inchul Lee-KHA*, Noriko Musha-HRJ, Sam Robinson-HAS, Christine Reid-HRGB*, Ada Tsang-HAHK*, Tim Willetts-HRGB (Executive Director).

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International Handbell Symposium (IHS)


Upcoming: IHS 2022 Nashville -  “Out of Many, One”

The 20th International Handbell Symposium will be held August 1-6, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Key event dates are as follows:

July 30-August 1, 2022   College Ring-In International
July 31-August 1, 2022   Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar
August 1, 2022   International Handbell Committee Meeting/Opening Ceremonies
August 1-6, 2022   20th International Handbell Symposium
August 3-6, 2022   International Distinctly Teen

Past International Handbell Symposia

The 19th IHS was scheduled for 2020 in Hong Kong, but sadly this event was cancelled in December 2019 due to the continuing unrest and violence there. The year and location of past symposia are as follows:

2018 - Cairns, Australia
2016 - Vancouver, Canada
2014 - Jeju, Korea
2012 - Liverpool, Great Britain
2010 - Osaka, Japan
2008 - Orlando, Florida
2006 - Brisbane, Australia
2004 - Toronto, Canada
2002 - Seoul, Korea
2000 - Birmingham, Great Britain
1998 - Makuhari Messe, Japan
1996 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
1994 - Adelaide, Australia
1992 - Edmonton, Canada
1990 - Seoul, Korea
1988 - Exeter, Great Britain
1986 - Gotemba, Japan
1984 - Arcata, California, USA

For each Symposium, Canada sends a representative Canadian Conductor and also submits a new Canadian Composition to be rung at the massed ringing session component of the Symposium.

Canadian-hosted IHS events

  • 1992 International Handbell Symposium Edmonton, AB
  • IHS2004 Toronto, ON ‘Building Bridges’
  • IHS2016 Vancouver, BC ‘Soundings: Music of Our Lands and Our Lives’

IHS 2016 Memories and Staying in Touch

The IHS2016 Flickr page is, and will remain, a place for all those who have pictures of their time at the symposium to share those photos with one another. You can find the page by going to www.flickr.com and searching for the IHS2016 Vancouver group page.

Facebook page (www.facebook.com/IHS2016Vancouver)


Video of Final Concert:
We're very happy to have been able to secure permission to release the video of the final concert for all to see. We've posted the footage online:

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