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2023 Board Election

The following positions are up for election. Terms are typically 3 years.

  • Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • Membership Secretary
  • Director at Large (3 positions)

Nominee Slate for 2023 election positions

Members can click View Details on any of the position listings below to view related candidate bios and statements.  You may be required to sign in. To become a member and vote in future elections, visit our Membership page.


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Ellen Ramsay  Penticton, BC


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Christie Noseworthy  Nanaimo, BC


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Anne Hergott  Calgary, AB

Membership Secretary

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Kathie Zalasky  St Albert, AB


Cheryl McFarlane
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Cobourg, ON 

Emmy Okazawa-Bortolin
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Edmonton, AB

Jim Winslett
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Calgary, AB

There were no additional nominations from the membership by the deadline, therefore the slate of nominees is acclaimed.


Board member terms will generally be 3 years in length, excepting where a shorter term is necessitated by any early vacancies.

To ensure a consistent rotation of experienced board members and fresh voices, an election rotation has been established where the Secretary, Treasurer and half the Directors-at-Large will be elected in the first year and the Chair-Elect, Chair, Membership Secretary, and the remaining Directors-at-large will be elected in the second year. 

The third year will see no elections other than those required to fill unforeseen vacancies that the board feels must be filled before the next planned election.

Elections are typically held electronically via our website, where every member in good standing is eligible to cast their vote. If you are not sure whether your membership will be active during the election period, please reach out to our Membership Secretary, Kathie Zalasky at membership@handbellmusiciansofcanada.ca

2023 Nominating Committee

Patsy Andrews-Vert (Member/Past Chair)
Lisa Kyriakides (Member/Secretary)
Cathy Koski (Member/Treasurer)

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